Dark Lolita


Related article: Date : Wed, December 13, 2008 16 07th 32 -0800 ( PST ) From: Ami u003camias05 yahoo. com u003e Subject : Brief Encounters - Chapters1 -2 First, the obligatory warnings and disclaimers - not to read into the fund, if is the sexual exploits of a mischievous teen young students are not so appealing to you. The characters are fictional and not shown explicitly on the basis of an n is a person... although, if suddenly in the middle of the is the story just think how lucky you are ! This is supposedly a work of fiction , albeit with some memories of my own school days, and some of the many fantasies that I and my "best friends", only rarely admits ot play if very special, and trust have been Age Security innocent. Even if only 20 years ago, it is very difficult today to imagine what s been like without the Internet, which instantly helps to evoke fantasies base in the images, webcams, news or chat. Our sex life was completely dependent a very passionate imagination and thereforeable to create our own true fantasies usually the other guys and what we found under the table ot in the locker room ! I apologize for the fact that underwear s an important place in this story, because, frankly, has in time, as it was a very visible and tangible between us and the n is the constant fascination with sex! It is important, but remember that never dared to broach the subject, because they are embarrassed and no one n us to really understand anyway! At the time of writing this introduction, the story continues and has not finished became a work of some length, but I periodically for updates. Finally, this is my first attempt of erotic literature and believe me, it is the first paragraph of the most difficult ! However, I hope that you enjoy and please, please give me any comments or suggestions. Tom ( Amias05 yahoo com. ) brief encounters Chapter 1 - Analysis For a change was actually warm, sunny afternoon Saturday, Tom and Alexs bike back from the neighboring village, where he to visit a school friend named Simon. Tom made ​​sure that Alex the first place, followed by the long climb in the hope that it will get up close n In view of the light blue pants tight around her Alex back, as was foot are produced pedals. Tom moved quickly hardening cock at the sight of Alex's ass n as it moves from side to side with the movement of the pedals, the lines his letter now clearly visible. Use the detail of underwear sightings, n very excited and Tom Then he saw that the seams are clearly indicated in the bottom panel, you fascinated by his own cock was tense in his jeans. I hoped fervently that somehow he was finally able to design some areas of Central tempting subject of underwear boners and Alex. At the summit, Alex sat in the chair and slowly turned the check was Tom still behind him, had his jersey now her shorts off Tom Dark Lolita at a glance which ªs bright pink meat and the obvious target of the top in his underwear. Tom rigid cock was so much friction in their underwear that now there is a tingling sensation in an alarming way, and he decided to simply to move about on par with Alex, so I could see the back of the pants short to their s see what he was wearing. Tom was rewarded with the sight of a pair very well born cream-colored pants with a slight vertical ribs very faded logo on the front and visible around the neck and not easily found. Keep Alex before him to continue to use, called out. " Hey, Alex so stop and have a little rest in a minute ? " " Yes, good idea.. I'm dead tired," said Alex, smoking a little, "Where? " " What is the attraction Dark Lolita rather than, you know... by the reservoir ?" asked Tom, eyes on Alex designs, n appeared on the neck of rubber blue pants. " Yes. " Alex said, leaning forward, more pedal and inadvertently exposing more of their underwear, which had the dramatic effect ofTom wings like a magnet near the back Alex. Do not take the children far more than 10 minutes to reach the tug in the shadows, who climbed on his bike and put them on the lawn. Alex Tom and quickly looked through the bushes, with a smile line and said, "I need a pee! " " I'm fine," said Tom : ". I'll wait " He sat down again on the grass in front of hide his erection. Once Alex disappeared out of sight Tom rolled to the back and pull the shirt out of the way, put his right hand down in jeans and underwear and began to press hard in rock small hard tail. Physically, I was quite desperate to play with his tail, to reach that wonderful tingling sensation, but mentally I was confused and I do not sure what to do. Should I have the courage to ask if Alex has erections, rubs his penis n this incredible feeling and underwear was a for the return of Alex too? Or do not ask surprised if Alex and left as FRFinal? Sexual development Tom in the past months were really , sometimes I was obsessed with her, understandably. But how many of their friends he felt ashamed of his constant erection and was too shy to talk about it, even to his close friend Alex. Although there can be spoken of these erections, it certainly did not realize that most of the his classmates were sporting. And now for your interest in the other for children with an erection was more than a habit, and is the voyeur aspect was a change in particular. Since he was not yet thirteen, his body is still developing sexually n and had not really discovered the true joy masturbation. However, he had learned that if you rub his penis, that s would eventually have a very nice warm and tingly now n ow almost every night before bed. was also a great interest in everything related to the pants the region - and especiallyerpants. And not only his own boring white pants, as exhilarating as stated in his hand and had to feel. but is much more exciting to see what type and, possibly, uniform color of the other children in their underwear. He got a huge thrill of trying to guess what was in his pants stretched over n buttocks or, better yet, when she leaned over and offered innocent knowledge of the elastic waist. Tom interest was not just a fad, as some time it had taken every opportunity to highlight the elements of the lingerie on display in the view department stores. Catalog shopping was very popular and Tom found here is a mine of information for brands and styles are available. More importantly, it could take n in the solitude of your bedroom with one hand and a magnifying glass over the image and the another exploration of his own underwear ! There was also discovered that bending in the n in front of a mirror was an exciting way tor seeing what appeared to outline the glide like a pair of tight shorts under. The mirrors were useful to the to see how difficult it is to look at the legs of a pair of shorts, which is was hidden before his time dreaming of Alex back in the grass, interrupted seemed as if a few wet spots in their shorts! Tom hurried removed her hand from his cock tingling and undoes a in the hides her belly jeans tent. " looks better ? Like you... a little! " Was lost, he said, smiling and showing n to the stains on the pants of Alex. Alex saw " Oh... " he said, and was a little red and sit legs, " ummm... I did. " High n Tom, hoping the conversation to open a little, "Well... judging by the stains on the pants, I hope yer pants are not too wet! " Alex saw a seconds and then quickly turned around and sat n Tom is saying again: "I'll wet ' " Ooh... shit, " said Tom restless as Alex sat astride the rear addition raIs apathetic "Get off.. " " Only if you say sorry! Or piss.. " Alex said, laughing, and Tom started to tickle your armpits. The battle drill was for a few minutes, Tom finally managed to reverse the situation and ended up sitting in the back of Alex on his feet " Now you're getting? " He said. " No, never... " Alex said, laughing. " Then I go........ uh... I'm doing something wrong... " said Tom Alex T -shirt out from under his pants to expose the clear the white skin of her back. "What are you doing? " Alex called, still laughing, "that tickles ! " "I'll wedgie ! " Said Tom, who was well excited to see Alex writing protruding from his shorts " Ready... ?" said, laughing. " No, no... " said Alex, his own cock now always feel very hard with the excitement of Tom in it and feel special, partially stripped from him. Tom pressed his own crutch, through his pants, and thena deep breath his hands slowly and carefully packed with Alex 's waist shorts and almost shaking hands with the white elastic. " Oh... that still tickles. Ohh," said Alex, " not to tear the pant, will please you... " "" Do not be silly , no... "Said Tom took a few inches of n under the shorts. It seemed as if its been fantasizing all the way, , took his crutch and pushed him several times. " Oooohhh... Tom, stop, how to pull my ass feels " screamed Alex grind her body on earth, " ooh... " " One more pull... "Said Tom was very excited at the Y- Front logo in the rubber worn, although not really seem like a lot young man who had left n " And I'm a bit new to try... "With that he put his right hand in the shorts on top of the buttocks firm of Alex and grabbed a handful of the white material, which took into Alex 's ass crack n '. " Fuck! "Alex shouted, shoved his cockback on earth ", which has n 've done... it feels as if the pants in the ass... oh shit! " As Tom has left the land of fantasy and reality back to clear, it may be too "left Alex, sorry... errr... been... are you okay? " n took off and lay down next to Alex, who looked forward in hope that does not bother your friend actually his hand in the n times. Alex just looked so sexy lying down, his shirt still around her shoulders under her short blond hair and faded and wrinkled written the n protruding from the top of their thin waist pants. Alex turned and smiled at the front of his pants and pulled out a in the womb with the fly And now ' part ' of the letter was almost display " really did not enjoy " he asked. " Maybe... " said Tom, looking at Alex shorts and go a little red, "Sorry, I should not have done the last bit... it was a little nasty... I done away... " aLex looked down and then pointed to obvious bulging jeans and Tom n hesitantly asked, " And I did that? " N If something red to red light stammered Tom "mmm... yes... I I guess it looks....... ummm... I tried to ask if...... uh... ever... ummm.. nonsense.... ? " This was the occasion, the theme that Tom had been waiting open. Alex saw the grass for a moment, he laughed a little red and began to open his mouth when a huge green truck response council s that had shaken off the road loudly through the parking issue, stopping in a cloud of dust in a couple of workers of a smile. At the time the dust had held the precious time was lost, I knew that children. saw each other, Alex was with a feeling rather silly, with its panties pulled up over his blue trousers and a little embarrassed, that s a smile he added : "We Tom, but come on... first I have to clarify that my ​​pants! "vi Tom wistfully as Alex did his best behind a bush, where to hide quickly pulled down his pants and underwear have reorganized their bulky front of his shorts stopped. cycles chatting house still happy, but avoid raising embarrassing topic s they both knew they wanted desperately to talk to. Lack together, living in bed that night, Tom and Alex each time of adventure in the evening - Tom and Alex had four dry orgasms dos Chapter 2 - Monday morning n another day at school. Tom with his left hand, turned the alarm clock, while the right hand to his s, took the place of his pajama pants and slipped to press the four-inch hard cock. Began to fall asleep again only to be awakened calls again for his mother's voice from below. "Are you always Tom? Not want to be late, right? I get the breakfast ready. " "I'm in ! " Said Tom, smiling to himself with the now uses the same fun for weeks! reluctantly released back is the roof, turned on the edge of the sit the bed and from there put on his striped pajama pants blue moved from the crack of her ass. He went to the bathroom and took his goal was to is not so good with an erection, the best he could pee on the carpet n , but sprayed his fingers! With his cock now soft, he soon finds himself in his room the clean laundry piled up in the chair. He looked at an item particular. The gray shorts, no shorts used even once in his last Tom primary school years, but was now back on it, but fortunately the year of the school was almost complete and pants would be later. that s not his fault his mother, like high school was one of the n decreed the first year the children were shorts gray, wear long pants before that was for all children more. The realization was too late, when he threw his hammer, he was careful to n and took the soft white cotton panties San Miguel. wastypical from his mother when she on him to buy a new idea thought some clothes, this time was new white briefs, last season was the target T -shirts. The sky had not been bought with him the vest right worse were the shorts more fashionable low rise hipster style so the white rubber band that is seen to be folded when s about. With his interest in his underwear, it s highly anticipated for some of the writings new style of bikini colors seen in catalogs, but some ways he is not only the courage of his mother, and ask that probably laugh at him anyway, it was the grabbed her backpack and went downstairs with the tail s still a little hard, but I hope not realize his mother. that no need to worry because he was too busy with breakfast and the n to prepare for your car as it had promised to go to school with Tom, was not far away and had a good service public buses, but sIt s go shopping later. When he was through school he was glad to see other children in gray slacks, his eyes immediately focused on her little round ass to see if anything was visible in line of underwear... Unfortunately not, but was a couple of promising small bumps on his forehead. With this Jubilee view of his right hand was hardly reassuring in his shorts pushed case, where a few seconds, he suddenly felt in the end elastic pleasures in \\ \\ n After the usual installation and registration Dark Lolita seemed to be a drag on the morning had very little to decrease during the second hour, a math class, which began with the exception Toms academic interest. The hope is some fun stuff and Tom, now's the math began tired n looks around the boys in the class of any say- tell signs of an erection dressed in pants gray shorts. Consequently, it was not long before he slipped his right hand in his pocket and pulled the small hardening Packagesntained underwear. Wait I should have really sought was a little closer to Alex, who always sat next to Tom, and was so often the subject of Tom thoughts n, just there, sitting with a few shorts plump that he realized However, like other children for many, in fact, Tom and Alex really very shy about their sexual feelings and always had hinted just a about with others on the subject. In fact, it probably embarrassed the end n must be his own erection has realized, or made ​​it Dark Lolita worse undressing before another for the gym, it follows that any form of sexual violence was a very mysterious occupation. to be a voyeur, sexual fantasies, it was good, but really talk to a person by the fact that these feelings and the like can be very complex embarrassing. And since both are on Saturday that had required a number enormous courage, self - cross-cutting theme in the first place. As Tom had, in his own world also quite fascinated by Alexd by the subject, looked slyly left just in time to see Tom away in his pocket in which only can only imagine what for nodes in the gray matter. now bored with math and was inspired by his hard cock stroking Tom almost summoned the courage to attempt to ask Alex if he realized is the meaning of some new words now hear repeated in large o school. Words such as straw, milk, semen ass or heard you, and , of course, the word " fuck" was a bit more with all the boys were now, , but nobody really knew what he really meant when Tom Alex became short of tents and has eyes as he looked was like plates, is when he lifts his eyes, he found Alex 'look n odd. as bright red, he stuttered " Uuummm... Alex... I did not want eyes... I ummm... " " Yes.... what ? "Alex responded equally shameful, because it was stared at the rhythmic movement of the hand of Tom in smallpoxt was: "I think that have... ummm............ Tom both Stiffi not it? " For once, Tom briefly a response, which saw, when it would be possible, even more embarrassed and broke eye contact. Your mouth is dry, put Alex. It was now or never. " Well... I... mmm... mmm... errr.... would you mind if.... mmm.... I've always wanted... ummm.. " " Would you.. what? "Tom whispered softly, quickly withdrawing his hand from his pocket and tried to stop, as if he had found, , of course you do! Could " I... errrrr... well... it feels... ?.. Please!" Said Alex from then on, without really thinking about it, simply reached out and touched his hand gray matter in the pants before Tom could lead to even respond. This Tom felt as if he had received an electric shock, began to to sit in his seat and went even redder Alex was beyond the form point of no return and began to push gently down the gray material, little fingers hot, sweatytry to feel symptoms of penile rigidity. " Shit.. " Tom whispered and stretched his legs together, "Alex... I can... ummmm... so... Keep your" " Yes, yes... " Alex said, barely audible, but still very red in the face of s. He stepped back a little from the desktop to improve access to the hand extended forward. " Tom......... why do not we do this on Saturday... oh shit... I want this for weeks... " n "I think we have to fear is asking too much. " said Tom, looking at the Alex the face " I do not know why it's stupid because we're best friends.. I almost have to n Saturday... but just do not have the courage, after the truck had broken blood... " " Shit, I wish I had... "Alex said," I began to have a real erection n then.. " in the meantime Tom had put his hand on top of Alex shorts and slightly feel the rock hard member through the web. It felt very similar to as yours, but maybe a little more to say. "Alex.. Want to come home after school... "Tom looked anxiously s face: "Please........ my mom is not home from work until later. " " Yes,... I would... but not I can I football, "said Alex after a n for a few seconds," ummm... We could look at things tomorrow... ha.. has........... oh shit... what are you doing? " Tom Alex had taken her hand and suddenly rose from his shorts. " What Tom......... but.... " " Ssshhhhh... " whispered Tom, adding, "" Put it here as he led the Alex's hand s at the opening of the bag. together with a dirty tissue and the key to the door at the bottom of the the pocket Alex finally realized Dark Lolita the object had been waiting to claim that appears in many their fantasies latest bedtime. "fuck shit.......... ooohh... Tom... " he muttered. Tom closed his eyes, was not sure, but could not always surprising that buzz again. fingers Alex went on to try to straighten the pocket lining allow received under the elastic leg opening of the new Toms tight white writing. that finally succEDED for a minute and could only squeeze rhythmically hull soft pink through the membranes of the bag. Tom soon began to nervous, quietly gasped and then increased very considerably sunk in the armchair of his s with your breathing. Continue wrapping the fingers Alex is the penis head throbbing, he did not recognize Tom n you just have a dry orgasm and really was much more concerned n in the case of teachers had seen something, but the Fortunately the class were a bit strong, so Tom 's actions had gone unnoticed. Alex was very excited about the situation and looked back at Tom, who appeared to be in trance! Unsafe to do what he thought the petting Toms cock through the material of the bag and it urgently needed is a measure of relief in itself, the other put his hand in his pocket, and \\ \\ n started his own, very swollen four inches of massage. Tom was very strange, never had been before and thought it s almost as if hand he had fainted, but then began to concentrate and this n Alex or hand in your pocket and your tingling seemed to be cock very sensitive to the ministries continued Alex " Two each play this game! " his first Dark Lolita thought was that he sent his right hand s in the direction of the winds of Alex's bag, but do not notice that Alex had used his own right hand in the other pocket ! N " Now," Tom thought, "this time is that Alex was surprised, is If you feel beside me is worming its way into the Y- fronts of old. " Y Alex was surprised, of course! Tom was quickly slammed his hand into the pocket of Alex deep and open immediately took what he considered a hard young cock by the layers of clothes ! The result was electrifying. The clash , other hand on his shorts surprised Alex, who had sat, hitting directly on the desktop. While doing so, touched his pen to the soil, which in turn causesThe teacher, Miss Jameson to find, and not n strict in his address on the back of the room. Tom, for their part, is still smiling like a cat that cream squeezed hard object in the case of Alex. That was until he received a shock when the cock Alex suddenly pointing a finger back and returned the favor by playing holding Tom 's hand, at which Tom responded with Dark Lolita a jolt and added \\ \\ n emotion. Alex could not be less about teaching that has kept had found the whole experience to explore with their hands Tom underwear most exciting experiences he had in his life. he " Tom, Alex... what prevents it always... well... I want the two to see of class. " Spoken Miss Jameson. The two boys were bright red like the rest of the class turned to look back what all the fuss and Tom then realized he still had his hand on the bag Alex is based in his pants, he quickly pulled her in the hope of that was not noticed. No shorts Tented for lEss, , in fact, exactly the opposite, and if the period of Ms. Jameson took the two guys back. "What have you both then? " She said "there is not even as if really brilliant in math is that? You are always doing something to stop and it is always a want to learn everything time... waste of time for some children e disrupting the class and two to stop... you want to write to , tell your parents? " the boys looked very abandoned in fact, Tom thought Alex wanted to mourn. But everything was fine, Miss Jameson has said that n always disturbing her math class. You looked and saw that Alex was about to break down, " the right... Now.. " he said, thinking that a quick exit before Alex started mourn actually be the best strategy ", Report n that me a clock for lunch and then I'll give you something to instructive keep busy. Well, with the class n. " \\ \\ n " yes ma'am.. but there is another football meeting time. "Said Alex sad from the floor, his eyes moist, the immediate emotional n prove too much for him. " Well, no, not both... unless you prefer to stay after school. Up to you ? "She replied. " Ummmm, no, Miss... "Alex muttered. " Now you are ready. See you later. " Children shuffled more unhappy your next class away all thoughts of hard cocks, but actually dropped now that it was doubtful that which is also n last lesson before lunch was tedious, and at least Tom , and Alex was there. lunch underwent quite short until he entered in the table of Simon, interested in knowing what happened before. "What have you both back in class at the Old Jameson lesson? " asked Simon with enthusiasm after a few seconds. "nothing... nothing at all... "Alex replied," just dropped. my feathers that was " " Yes,.. what it was, "Simon replied," I reckI've seen him do something... under the table... Is not it ? What was it? " " Saw what? "Said Tom, who was with Simon. instinctively looked at Tom Simon Short to talk when Dark Lolita turned. " And what we have to wait, you saw... then... Shit... !. "He gave a in the middle of a sentence very clearly see the bulge in the front of Simon shorts n. " What are you looking at? "Said Simon, the realization of his own situation, was a " Oh... Shit.. "He said, a nice shade of red. Tom smiled and pushed Alex. " Oh, shit ! "Said Simon, " Oh... so I can not help myself.... I can ? " " ` No ' spose... "Tom said with a look at them in amazement and knowing that jumps now stand, " is too big! Oh, sorry Simon, I mean.. dass.. ummm say that occurs n... more " " Well, big? I know I've never seen anyone and yes it happens all the time. "Simon responded to a deeper shade of red leaves and is is covered with acresnds. The argument that he could no longer embarrassed, could easily go and ask some questions, such as Tom and Alex seemed to be so ignorant nonsense about sex and how he was. " And you've got 'em and Tom? " He said looking at Tom Short, In the meantime, the store from the outside " Alex... what's wrong... we, No please.... I've never had the chance of this ever talk.. and the n these accessories hard on all the time, ummm I think that all the time much... please ? Am I ? "is Tom always very embarrassing, not only is now a erection, but I had someone sat down beside her and stared at him and some questions terrible personal. " What do you think...... of course Dark Lolita look after them ! " Alex then answered, but just as embarrassing. " Well... uh... do something with it ? " Simon asked innocently : "I is.... I just..... ummmm... go ahead type pressure... maybe a little more that.... hmmm.. it feels good ". Alex a giggleFirst added: " Like, what what what.. You mean I can to do," Tom, is still very red and looked curiously at Simon: "You know, is not true... what do we do with it, should be more n to the touch, but do a... " " Tom.... it... what? not just me.... "Simon was obviously desperate to know. is Tom is, "Well.... mmm sorta feel hot when I think.... errr... the" "I think, dass.. good... and gives me that feeling. Dark Lolita ' "admitted Simon to go Red yet," Hey... Alex d you do ? "Waiting Tom to respond to Alex, this was the question that had never dared to dare to ask. " Let Alex.... "Said Simon Alex saw the scarlet, looked at the table and said softly : " Well, I ` I spose " if there are two words that I do... well, then that I... " " how often ? " Simon asked timidly. "Please.... Alex.... " do not want to admit it, but all the children were determined and privately that n because the conversation wasactually in progress, knowing all that was out of the could. ", a sort of........ errrrr week," said Alex see if you can Red yet, " and Simon? " Now, we Simon 's turn to be embarrassed again, " Yes, it can twice a week..... I do not know what happens to you Tom? " " Uummmm three or even four... I guess! "Tom answered humbly, and then said without thinking," Hey, Simon, what an idiot... that I know, " " Three or four, dirty grass "Simon said, relieved that he held his daily habit still secret! N " I have heard that the boys could have a... straw... " he added, " I do not know know what it really means. " Roll n " ? Alex asked," What do you think.. How I can avoid hearing the word, but not really know what it means Hey.... and someone called me a stupid little as the other day?. good, but I was not ! " " do not know, I honestly do not know. "Said Simon put his hand into his bag of s associations felt his cock through his pants, then take n tThat the conversation going. " But, my brother says the way, is what to do... he tells me to have a good straw! I have seen many times with an erection, before n and television simply points and laughs. " " well, what a straw, then? I know... I've heard of him, so, , but not know... and nobody is going to say! "said Tom:"... shit... look Alex at the time, " " Oh, shit..... " ! Alex said: "We have to get around Jameson Office... or are we too late.. and even more problems ! " " Simon," said Tom, very brave, knowing that this used to be taboo issue that was good to think about it, but not talking, " could errrrr... talk about this again... I mean, how to talk... because you seem knows things and then maybe I could make her older brother kind of question for us? I want, I want to know how stupid or whatever ? " " how old is Simon "asked Alex. "It's almost fifteen years. " " And, it gets too erections?" " Oh, yes, I like watching TV ! " Simon said concertcontraband, "I am not in the queue a few years... but his pants stick seen directly from the n with his hands in his pockets...... and always closed the Dark Lolita bedroom door. He will not say what he does there, but I think it is all This masturbating what you know ! " " Hey.. rightly so. If you want to know ? "Echo Tom with anxiety, quickly squeezed his cock through his bag, " and we can all nonsense together and then.. ha ha! " N "We have ' em now !" said Simon , smiling down I knew I wanted n to find what I was Dark Lolita doing something. Meanwhile, his inhibitions were n , and he was openly rubbing the bulge in his shorts. He looked at Tom 's pants said, "Well, we do, but.. Can you imagine a place where you will not be affected " " Yes, everything is I... well, "said Tom, not sure what you always n in a " Come on, let go, or we're late, "said Alex, standing on the other side in the table, his shorts apparently otherwiseto hide his erection. "Look ! " Said Simon shows " Dirty Boy! " Now, it's Alex 's turn to go red again, " Shut up Simon says not to cry, and, \\ \\ n the whole world! "said putting his hand in a bag to try to hide questions. "Come on Tom, hurry," was Tom, her shorts and stood before him was Simon sit, as he smiled and rubbed : "Hey you know..... WOT? " \\ \\ n " WOT? " Tom said, smiling. " I can lose my inhibitions WOT.... is not that mean?" Simon said. " Perhaps we all are ! " Alex said, winking at Tom: "Now we 're coming. " N " Hope you do not make life difficult! " Simon said, laughing the set down the hall to the classroom. Tom made ​​a gesture with two fingers behind his back.
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